Sisongke Choir has a social justice platform. We also believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the pleasure of singing. One of the aims of the choir is to provide people who have never sung before an opportunity to sing and perform. Therefore, there are no auditions, and membership fees are kept as low as possible. We encourage anyone to join regardless of their musical knowledge, skill or experience. We only ask for a willingness to learn!We enthusiastically want everyone to experience being part of the process that results in beautiful music and wonderful harmonies. And we want to share the joy of performance with as many people as possible.

Songs are selected using various criteria, mainly whether they fit our social justice platform and avoid discrimination against any person, ideology, country, religious beliefs, family circumstances or sexual orientation. Then we make sure that the Music Director likes the song. Then we check whether the choir likes the song. Then we learn it!! We especially like songs that are inspiring and fun.

Songs are in many languages so they are taught phonetically. Songs are taught to us by the Music Director who teaches notes and words to each voice group and then gradually gets us all singing our parts together – and, hey presto, there is harmony! The meaning of the song is explained during the learning process. We do not require members to be able to read music.

On the basis that singing is “better than therapy” as one choir member put it, we try to ensure that rehearsals are fun and relaxed, but stimulating and challenging enough to keep members interested.

Sisongke at Tarremah