Sisongke Community Choir - Singing for Everybody!


Rehearsals on now!
New members welcome!

Actually, they shouldn't be called rehearsals - A better description would be "fun sessions".  Oliver (our musical director) is a kind, lovely and funny person (as well as being an accomplished musician and teacher)!
Some of the songs we're going to sing this year, include:

The keeper – a contemporary feel good song

Oh helele – a folk/protest song from Timor Leste (East Timor).

Salaam – a contemporais ry peace song (in Hebrew and Arabic)

Sun Giant – a contemporary feel good song

The river – Australian peace song

Shosholosa – a traditional song from Africa

Coming up

8th Feb 2024 First rehearsal for 2024

Easter break           29 March – 2 April

11th Apr 2024 Last Rehearsal for Term 1

18th May 2024  Rachel Hore workshop