About Us

Sisongke is a joyous dynamic community choir based in Hobart, Tasmania. We are open to everyone, regardless of singing ability. The name "Sisongke" means "together" in Zulu, which reflects our origins as an "African" choir, 25 years ago. But now we sing all sorts of World Music, including music from the Pacific Islands, Aboriginal music, Italian, European Folk Music, etc.

We are an "a capella" choir, which means that (most of the time) we sing without any instruments. Sometimes the odd drum or wind instrument creeps in, but no loud electronic instruments or orchestras.

We are very inclusive and keen for anyone to join without feeling scared or embarrassed. We sing for fun not for competition!

Our new music director, Oliver Gathercole, has an easygoing, yet at times rigorous, approach. Sisongke looks forward to a fun and dynamic 2020!

Our co-ordinator, Carol Robey, was recently interviewed by Amanda Sims on the World Music Show (ABC Hobart FM).

For an entertaining account of our philosophy and origins, have a listen here.

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