Sisongke Community Choir - Singing for Everybody!


Family Showcase Concert 2023
Sat 7 Oct 2023
2pm to 4 pm
Hobart Town Hall

Enjoy an invigorating afternoon of family entertainment.  Patrick will enthral you with his amazing magic, Rhythmz Bollywood will invite you to join in a dance, Sisongke Choir will ask you to sing along, Yugen will transport you with their mix of Sri Lankan/Indian folk-pop, Wenyi, a Chinese group, will sing and dance and Andy and Ally will take you on a tour of the great musicals. 


When 7 October 2023, 2 to 4 pm

Where Hobart Town Hall

Cost   Gold coin donation

No need to book.

New term, new music, new people!

We start a new "term" on 20th July 2023.  If you're thinking about checking us out, joining us or returning to us, this is a great time to do it!  You can come along and watch, lipsync or sing without committing or paying a cent!  We will be learning some new songs, including:

Treaty (Yothu Yindi)
LIyarn Ngarn  (by Archie Roach)
The whole world is dreaming (by Mark Seymour)
Oh Helele  (East Timorese folk/resistance song)

as well as learning or revisiting songs from Africa, Aotearoa, Australia, and probably other places.

Please come along!

Sisongke at Bunnings

This week - instead of our regular rehearsal, we will be at the Bunnings Father's day Fiesta.  This will be at Bunnings (in Glenorchy) from 5pm-7pm.

We will  be singing some songs, but also just hanging around hoping to entice some people into the joy of singing!

Festival of Voices

We had a great time with Festival of Voices.  We had several enjoyable performances - popups in Salamanca and Narrynya (despite the inclement weather), and a at the Singer's Lounge.

It was fantastic to see so many fantastic choirs, and meet other singers from all over!

Rachel Hore worshop

We had the best time!  She managed to teach us 3 songs - Liyarm Ngarm (Archie Roach) , The Whole World is Dreaming (Mark Seymour) and Hymn to Her (Meg Keane)!   Click  here for the video.

If you are interested in joining Sisongke, please email us at:,  We sing a lot of Rachel's songs, and do not have entry requirements!

If you're not interested in joining, but just want to hear about our great workshops, please email us at at:, and use the subject line EVENTS.

If you just want to know more about Rachel Hore....

Member Profile: Annie
Name:  Annie McEntee
Role in Sisongke: Tenor (usually)  & IT person.
Background:  Annie had lots of music training in her youth: learnt to read music like breathing - and was a very good flautist - but was crippled by self-doubt and performance anxiety.  She gave up music altogether for about 20 years.  It never occurred to her to try and sing, until Mary "popped a net over her"* - when Annie most needed it!  Annie has been a member for about 15 years.
Other background:  Annie trained as a scientist, but ended up running her own computer support business.  She LOVES dogs...
Why have you stuck with Sisongke?:   Sisongke transformed my life.  They provided amazing friendship when I was at a really low point (and since).   They taught me to sing.  They supported me to totally overcome my performance anxiety - so now I can sing a solo without worrying about it.
And mainly, I just love the repertoire - it's so diverse - and so meaningful.

*For an explanation of this, you'll have to meet Mary!